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Welcome to our blog! This is where our experts discuss their favorite digital, compact, waterproof and other kinds of binoculars. We are all passionate hunters, astronomers and birdwatchers and know everything there is to know about the most commonly used optical device on the planet - binoculars!

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02 Oct

Hopefully, there are still a few people in the audience that remember that line, indicating that Sergeant Preston of the Yukon was beginning another episode.  Sergeant Preston was aided by his horse Rex and his faithful dog Yukon King.  Rex was okay – I mean, he was no Silver (the Lone Ranger’s horse), but Yukon King was the man.  Dog.  Whatever.  Yukon King could out-think Lassie with one leg tied behind his tail.  Yukon King wouldn’t come and tell you that Timmy fell in a well, Yukon King would prevent Timmy from falling in the well in the first place, …

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25 Sep

Fall is finally upon us.  The time of year for colorful leaves, crisp air, and good smells is my favorite.  Aside from the awesome weather we’ll be having, I also know I’ll be spending a lot of time outside.  Summer is nice but the air conditioner is a better option than 100 degrees and 90 % humidity, in my opinion at least.  While I enjoy autumn and will be outside more than any other time of the year, I don’t care to freeze so it’s time to stock up on some new gear again.  I wear what I have pretty …

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21 Sep

Fall is here, which means winter is around the corner. Winter is always a project season for my firearms, whether it is just maintenance or calibration/customization. Since the AR is the king of the customization projects, I thought I would review some products that I have or will be acquiring this winter, starting with grips.   

AR grips are possibly one of the most important part to upgrade, but there really isn’t a clear cut choice of which is best since everyone’s hands are different. But we can all agree, if your grip isn’t comfortable then it is pretty unlikely …

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10 Sep

Every day, our department answers numerous emails, live chats, and telephone calls with technical or application questions pertaining to the products we sell. The Product Intelligence Team prides itself on the many dozens of years of combined knowledge we offer to our customers and co-workers and we really hate to be wrong – ever! A little over a month ago, I spoke with a gentleman calling from "somewhere out West" who needed help with an optic for watching out for fires over hundreds of miles of forest from an observation tower. He explained that he had been using a basic …

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02 Sep

Okay, actually they visit a website and leave product reviews, but that’s not nearly as catchy of a title.

We here in Product Intelligence have the greatest job in the world.  All day long, we get to read about, talk about, play with and give our opinions about gear.  When I get home from work, I eventually grab my iPad and end up on one or more relevant forums, because I’m interested in what people have to say about the products – I just can’t get enough of this stuff.  It's impossible to own one of everything, so I supplement …

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28 Aug

My summer has been a bittersweet mix of good and bad.  I’ve, as discussed in previous blogs, have had the chance to head out of town more than I usually do.  Two weeks in Europe and several nice weekend trips have left me with some nice and irreplaceable memories.  I’ve spent a lot of time with a nice young woman and have been able to enjoy some decent summer weather.  The dark cloud that’s been looming over me, however, is the loss of my grandmother about a month ago.  She was a wonderful woman who didn’t have a mean bone …

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20 Aug

Recently we received an ATN Bino-X unit to play with and test out. The ATN Bino-X is part of the Smart Optics line. You may be familiar with the X-sight, a digital rifle scope. The ATN X-Bino is a digital binocular, capable of taking photos and recording video in addition to have a “night mode”.


Overall the size was a bit larger than your average 8×42 binos, but nothing monstrous. The weight was not nearly as bad as I was expecting it to be. The lack of an adjustable PD was a bit obnoxious but wasn’t detrimental to the …

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