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02 Jul

If you were to ask my friends, they would say I am a textbook Gear Whore. If you ask me, I would say I just like having the right tool for the job…and any job can be done with the right tool…and since you can’t always know what tool you need, get em all. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that I have a lot of gear to cover just about any activity/job I take an interest in (for example, just started kayaking and already have it stuffed with gear).

However, on a recent camping trip, I discovered a gear deficit. …

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26 Jun


In 2014, ATN one of the major manufacturers of night vision, introduced their digital X-Sight Riflescopes. Currently offered in two magnification ranges: 3-12X and 5-18X, and is a unique blend of a daytime and nightime riflescope that is packed with cool features, such as:

•Day/Night   •Wifi   •Record Video   •GPS   •Image Stabilization / Gyroscope   •Geotag   •E-Compass   •Altitude   •Velocity   •E-Zoom

Now, their lastest release is for the ATN 4-16x Bino-X Smart HD Binocular that uses the same technology and has all the same features! It is the coolest concept I seen in a binocular. You …

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19 Jun

I've had the Peter, Paul, and Mary (not John Denver) version of Leaving on a Jet Plane stuck in my head for the last week or so. 

The time has come where my long anticipated return to the Fatherland is less than a week away.  The buildup has been excruciatingly dragging for the last few months but now that it’s less than a week away, time seems to move a little faster for some reason.  I’ve talked about gear that I’ve wanted to get for the trip but I’ll rundown a few of the things I’ve settled on and some …

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10 Jun

Last weekend we participated in a neighborhood rummage sale.  For weeks, we collected things all around the house – the basement, the garage, the attic.  Once I reclaimed my items that my wife tried to sneak in to the sale, we surveyed the pile of stuff accumulated over 29 years.

I thought back to a time (1978 to 1982) that all my worldly belongings fit in a Chevy Chevette.

A rare sighting of a Chevette in the wild, at Road America in 2013, next to the late Erik the Silver.

Now, just the things we were trying to shove off …

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05 Jun

A few weeks ago, I headed north a few hours to Fremont, Wisconsin for a weekend of fishing.  For those of you that aren’t aware, Fremont is the “Official White Bass Capitol of the World.”  I’m not sure how many towns have attempted to usurp this title, but it would be hard to.  I have a friend that I’ve known since seventh grade who has been trying to get me to go with his group of family and friends pretty much as long as I’ve known him, which is about 15 years now.  Usually they go up on the same …

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29 May

No memorial day weekend is complete without barbeque, trigger time, and sunshine. So to fulfill that American obligation, I went camping. Car camping to be specific.

We drove to privately owned property in Wisconsin, pitched our tents, set up some steel targets, and soaked in the good weather. I’ll readily admit that I don’t have extensive camping experience even though I do enjoy it. So I was lacking in some gear for this trip, namely a tent.

Since we were car camping, I didn’t see the need for a lightweight tent that is best suited for when you are deep in …

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22 May


Out of all the rifle scopes I have tested, my favorite is the Nightforce 5.5-22×56. The quality of all Nightforce products is outstanding and this scope is no exception. The glass is from Japan and the scope is built in the United States, Idaho to be specific. A Nightforce scope is the type of scope that will be passed down for generations. Not only is the optical quality incredible, but the scope is extremely rugged. At one time Nightforce had a picture on their webpage of a military service NXS scope that was shot by an AK-47. If I …

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