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22 Aug

I lose things.

Sometimes small, like my car key (technically, not lost… I know it’s in Las Vegas)…, sometimes larger, like a pocketknife or book.  Occasionally it will be an object that I had in my hand moments before.  I’ve been looking for a particular tool for a few years now.

You would think that given the confines of my home, and its finite volume that I could, over time, exhaust all possible locations for the lost objects.  I mean, it’s not like it’s lost in space.

This makes me feel somewhat better about losing things:

Way back in 2008, …

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29 Jul

A Cognitive Model of Binocular Vision and the Importance of Shooting with Both Eyes Open – Velociraptor mongoliensis

Timothy G.


Date: July 29th, 2014

This blog will investigate the importance of shooting with both eyes open and the problems of not using binocular vision.

Binocular Vision is vision where both eyes are used together. There are many advantages binocular vision gives over one eye in nature, including a wider field of view, depth perception, a sense of balance, and a spare eye if one eye becomes damaged. Many people shoot with only one eye losing all the advantages of …

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25 Jul

A few months ago my dad asked me for some advice on a scope for his Winchester model 70 in 30-06.  He wanted something simple and clean – nothing with massive turrets and illumination.  The gun is going to be an all-purpose hunting rifle; something that he could shoot anywhere from 100 to 300 yards.  Like most people these days, he is on a budget and was looking for something in the $300 price range (including mounts).  I have probably helped nearly a thousand customers outfit this exact rifle, so I knew exactly what he needed.       

Right off the …

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18 Jul

This past year I joining the SCI, Safari Club International.  A friend was a member and he invited me to one of the dinners they have every February-March.  This was my first look into the SCI and I was impressed to say the least.  Meeting men and women who all have a strong passion for hunting and conservation.  Not just limited to “Africa Safari’s”, but hunting all over the world.

Well, one of the high points to the night was the auctions.  Both silent and traditional, the SCI was auctioning off everything from hunts to statues.  I began to see …

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02 Jul

Swat at them with rakes

Racoons chewin’ on my porch,

'Till it up and breaks…

They’re the critters that can find

My hidden set of keys

That is not a bunny, honey -

It might spread disease

In our jungle, welcome to our jungle…

Watch ‘em give our cats – fleas, fleas…

I wanna see you – treed

With apologies to Axl Rose, welcome to the hollowed out spot on the north end of our deck.  My wife, who can’t find enough to worry about with the intermittently operating dishwasher, incontinent 14-year old cat and upcoming family reunion, has convinced herself that …

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24 Jun

The idea that a soldier is better off carrying intermediate rifle cartridges (such as .223) over full power battle rifle cartridges (like .308) came around long before the Vietnam War and the M16a1. Towards the end of WWII Germany started arming the army with a select-fire rifle that used an intermediate cartridge with a detachable magazine. This rifle was called the Sturmgewehr 44, translated as Storm rifle or Assault rifle, as in assaulting the enemy’s position. This was the first time in history that such a rifle was used in a major war and has changed the way wars have …

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20 Jun

A few years ago I received a Ruger MK III Hunter as a gift from a good family friend. I have only shot it a few times here and there with varying amounts of success. .22 ammunition is still at a premium, so I am forced to run the gun with whatever I am able to find. Right now that is CCI Mini-Mags. At 1235 FPS from the muzzle, these are hot little 40 grainers that the gun does not like. Just about every magazine has some sort of malfunction. That being said, I have supreme confidence that a lower …

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