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Monthly Archives: December 2006

20 Dec

This Saturday we were walking along the beach in White Rock. And were extremely lucky to see many different birds, though unfortunately, I forgot my birding binoculars at home. So, now I’m sitting and guessing what those birds were. I can’t tell a whole lot from the digital camera pictures, because the light was diffused through the low clouds. I’m totally sure that we saw double-crested cormorants, buffleheads, great blue herons, herring gulls and crows. The other three species are undecided. Evidently, one creature was a common goldeneye, the second one – yellow-billed loon, but it could also be a …

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15 Dec

Yesterday my husband and I got out our family albums, the ones where we were very small, thoughtless and young… There were lots of memories, stories and warm feeling shared. I remember being a teenager, when I loved spending time with my friends, going to discos and concerts. My mom didn’t like that, because I didn’t have time to eat or spend with them. There was one particular group that I listened to. We lived in a small town and one day I read in the newspaper that that group was coming to our town. I decided to go. No …

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13 Dec

Today is a very special day for my husband and myself, today is the very precious and unique, the day when we met, a very long time ago… Yes, it was quite long, but I still remember that day as if it was yesterday. To make this a very special for him I decided to go out in the night park, then have a bite in a late open cafe and after that when we are back home, I took our binoculars and went out on a deck to look at the stars. They were unusually beautiful, I’d even say …

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09 Dec

Unusual sky phenomenon is to happen this Sunday, the 1oth of December. According to some astronomers, on Sunday in the night sky Jupiter, Mercury and Mars will flow into almost one dot, which will be so bright, that you could easily see it with your unaided eye. We’re talking about the only phenomenon of this kind between the years 1980 and 2050. This very seldom phenomenon will be observed by hundreds of thousands of scientists and astronomers.To be able to become a part of this event you don’t need to have a professional telescope, you’ll be fine with birding binoculars …

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06 Dec

Yesterday I was dressing up to go to the party with my friends and found this little cute greenish skirt in my wardrobe. Somehow it drew my attention and stirred up memories in my head. They were very nice and warm afterglows. First I remembered my childhood and my favorite camo binoculars I used to have. I was given it by my parents on Christmas and since that day I love this holiday and all this holiday season, because I’m waiting for a miracle to happen in my life, for some changes and interesting events. This skirt also brought me …

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05 Dec

This weekend the moon was incredibly bright. I woke up at 2 in the morning and went outside, it was cold, I’d even say extremely cold, and because of the bright light of the moon I wasn’t able to see neither anything on the streets nor even the hands on my clock. And more to it, all this was accompanied with rarely clear and starry sky. I couldn’t help it, put on some warm clothes, grabbed my cell phone and binoculars and started calling my best friend. She was surprised to hear from me at this hour, but got the …

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04 Dec

Woke up today and couldn’t believe my eyes… The sun was already high up in the sky, blinding me, the snow, white snow was everywhere, like magnificent snowy glassy surface,…no I’m not dreaming… During the day I caught myself on glancing out of the window every now and then, because I haven’t seen such a beauty for a long period of time. Later at night when my husband and I went out for a walk and got into snow fight, I looked up at the sky trying to find the objects I want, but all found was snowflakes. They were …

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