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17 Aug

Individual eyepiece focus binoculars

Posted by Joannie K on

Individual eyepiece focus (IF) is a focusing system widely used in marine binoculars and astronomy binoculars, but some people find that an IF focusing system produces more eye fatigue over long observing sessions than a center focus system. One of the secrets I have discovered over the years for getting the most out of IF binoculars is to TOTALLY relax your eyes as you observe. This is even more important when making the original adjustment. The least amount of squinting when using an individual eyepiece focus binocular will produce a small amount of eye fatigue which will accumulate over an extended observing session.

You don’t need special meditation techniques to relax your eyes before using an IF binocular (though meditation is, in itself, a worthy undertaking). Just close your eyes as if you are getting ready to go to sleep, consciously relax all the muscles around your eyes, then begin observing. This also a good check to see if you’ve been squinting. If, after you have relaxed your eyes, the image in your IF binocular is not in focus, you have been squinting. Stop that!


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