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07 Jan

Winter binoculars

Posted by Joannie K on

Still amazes me how much snow cover amplifies light pollution, especially in our badly light polluted area. Ouch! Snow is something of a paradox for me. I like winter and snow and, in fact, I appreciate all seasons and all the weather Earth Mother sends my way. Still, snow cover does make an already marginal observing site even less effective. Does that stop me from observing with my binoculars? Never! No matter how poor the observing site, there is always some astronomy to do with an astronomy binocular. The Pleaides, the Hyades, Melotte 20 and many other bright clusters cut through even the worst light pollution and are always worth a step outside to observe in the cold, crisp air of a winter night with my binoculars. It is something that always warms my heart.


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