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07 Dec

How far can I see?

Posted by Joannie K on

One of the most frequent questions I get from beginners looking for a binocular is, “How far can I see?” This is understandably the first question that pops into someone’s head when their thoughts turn to a binocular, but when you begin to think about it in a serious way, you begin to understand that “How far can I see?” is an incomplete question and one with no definite answer. To answer that question, you must first specify the size of the object you want to see. For instance, an average 10×42 binocular can see a large ship on open water from a distance measured in miles, under good atmospheric conditions. However, seeing the numbers on the side of the ship reduces the “How far can I see?” to a much shorter distance, often less than a mile. Seeing people on deck of that ship reduces “How far can I see?” to a much, much, shorter distance, often several hundred yards. Actually identifying and recognizing people’s faces on the deck of the ship reduces “How far can I see?” to a drastically shorter distance, yet, typically well under 100 yards. How far can I see with a binocular is always a matter, then, of the size of the object you want to see.


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