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25 Feb

Binocular or monocular?

Posted by Joannie K on

It’s no secret to anyone who reads my blogs or checks my OP forum posts, that I am a fan of compact binoculars. Probably lesser known, is the fact that I also like quality monoculars. In other words, I like small optics that I can squeeze into a purse or pocket, so that I am never without some optics.
No, monoculars cannot do the job of binoculars, even compact binoculars; both have their place and their uses – the right optical tool for the right job, as always. So should you buy a compact binocular or should you opt for a monocular? Most of the time, the compact binocular is the best choice – a binocular is easier to steady and line up on target, not to mention more comfortable to use – two eyes are always better than one from an optical point of view.
There are times, however, when I need something even smaller than a compact binocular and that is when I depend on a monocular. Like most women, my purse tends to mysteriously overflow, all on its own, with all manner of necessities. It’s gotten to the point where there is no room for even a compact binocular. Besides the usual makeup, checkbook, wallet, ibuprofen, mirror, car keys, sunglasses, cell phone, brush, comb, bottle of mouthwash, reading glasses and so on that are the usual residents of a woman’s purse, my purse also carries my GPS, several harmonicas (I am a pro harmonica player), several of my favorite CDs, my iPod, earphones and … well, there is just enough room to squeeze in my thumb size Nikon HG 5×15 monocular and no more. Even a compact binocular makes this optical gem appear small, but my Nikon HG is always in there, somewhere. Finding it, quickly, though, in the blackhole that is my purse … that is another story.


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