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30 Jul

Fly fishing binoculars

Posted by Joannie K on
Bill and I decided to stretch our feet, this morning, and walk around the Deer Valley Lodge grounds. Typical mountain weather – warm, almost hot, but dry and quite comfy. As we walked along, I kept thinking of all the years and all the places I in the west that have been such a big part of my life. Funny how it all comes flooding back with a breath or two of mountain air.
The memories were equally divided between birding trips and some of the many trout streams where I wet a fly for trout and, sometimes, for very large trout. Might surprise some folks to learn that I used binoculars for both activities. Naturally, you would expect someone to use birding binoculars for birding, but for fly fishing? Okay, if you’ve never fly fished some of these large western rivers, it may seem strange to use binoculars when fishing, but I found compact binoculars to be quite useful for searching for rising fish on these very large rivers and also to estimate the size of the fish rising. That is not as simple as it sounds, but the binoculars often enabled me to plan a stalk on the bigger fish and save much time by avoiding less productive waters. When the fly fishing gods were with me, I managed to put a fly over some very large fish, indeed. When the fishing was slow, the binoculars allowed me to do some birding. Just make sure those compact binoculars are waterproof.


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