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29 Jun

Binoculars made in the USA

Posted by Joannie K on
Like so many Americans, I long for the days when products with the label, “Made in the USA” were commonplace. The harsh reality in 2011, though, is that darn little is still made in the U.S. in any product category of any kind and, when it comes to binoculars, well … zilch, nada, nothing. The closest we had, recently, was the excellent Leupold Gold Ring binoculars, but the Leupold could only claim “assembled in the U.S.A”, on these fine binoculars simply because they still had to rely on foreign made components to get the binoculars made. Now, sad to say, these fine binoculars are no longer listed on the Leupold website, so it appears these fine binoculars are going the way of the dinosaurs. That leaves us with some other fine Leupold binoculars, of course, but none with that USA pedigree.
Yes, I know all the economics of globalization and I’ve had an inside track on the way the industry has made binoculars, not to mention spotting scopes and telescopes, for years. Quite simply, we’ve reached a point where we really can’t make binoculars in the U.S because all the parts we need to make the binoculars have to come from overseas and, of course, even if we had the production capability right here in the US, it would be hard to make a competitive product because of labor costs. Yes, I know all that. Still, this is one gal who still takes pride in the few optical products she owns that do legitimately say, Made in the USA. Unfortunately, none of those are binoculars.


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