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14 Mar


Posted by Joannie K on
It’s been a week for seeing hawks and birds of prey around our place. Not that we live in an area with a high density and large variety raptors (birds of prey), but it is always a treat for me to see them in the binoculars. Seeing more birds of prey in the spring as they migrate and move is also a birdwatching tradition with me. Bring them on. I love my hawks.
We have a nesting pair of Bald Eagles somewhere in the general vicinity, though I’ve yet to find the nest. The eagles do visit our lake on an almost daily basis, though, so I know the nest be close. I often see them in the binoculars or spotting scope, perched in some of the tall pines across the lake. This week, I had an eagle perched in a tree, right on our shoreline, so had the pleasure of seeing it up close in the birding binoculars. When you can see eagles right from your kitchen window, you know you are living in a good place.
Red-tailed Hawks we have, too and just about everyone does. This common and widespread hawk is the bird most people visualize when you mention hawks. I spotted a pair soaring on an updraft over the lake, this week, thanks to our recent warm weather. The Red-tailed Hawk is a species of hawk that I have watched and admired all my life and it still gives me goose bumps to see one in the binoculars.
The Red-shouldered Hawk can be as secretive as the Red-tailed Hawk is obvious. The Red-shouldered is a true forest hawk, seldom venturing out in the open. I see them, from time to time, s I did this week, gliding just above the treetops in our neighborhood in a now you see them, now you don’t way. Having lived most of my life on the prairie where this hawk is not found, I had high hopes of seeing this bird when we moved to the north woods. I have not been disappointed.
Love my hawks.


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