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14 Mar

Spring birdwatching and spring cleaning

Posted by Joannie K on

The Juncos are back.
I see Juncos in October as fall gives way to winter and again in March as winter gives way to spring. At our place in the north woods, Juncos are only rarely seen in the birding binoculars during winter, though. The deep snows we have in the winter make it tough for a ground feeding bird like the Junco to find food.
So, our Juncos are back! I spotted a few in the binoculars, feeding on some open ground where the snow has melted away. Joining them in feeding was a flock of Common Redpolls. It’s just a matter of time, before I start seeing sparrows in the mix, too. Seeing sparrows in the birding binoculars is another sure sign of spring. Spring birdwatching is exciting, no doubt about it.
Spring bird watching is also work, though. Spring is time for some much needed spring-cleaning of the bird feeders, now that the ice has melted below the feeders. A lot of waste builds up under the feeders during the winter, thanks to winter snows and ice. I do my best to shovel it away when I can, but it’s hard to keep up with the snow when you live in the north woods.
My regulars – my birds that visit us daily at the feeders – tend to scold me a little as I clean, but mostly they just keep feeding. As long as I keep the feeders filled, they keep feeding. They don’t seemed inclined to worry too much about an old lady with a shovel and, now and then, as you see in the pic, they allow me to take their picture.


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