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Monthly Archives: February 2013

22 Feb

Consumers are always hyped up and amped to go out and buy the newest binocular that they see on the most current commercial.  Who can blame them!  Commercials and reviews are great to gather and see information on a new binocular, and from first hand, a lot of fun to do!  All too often people forget or don’t know what actually goes into a session like this.  I’ve done my fair share of commercials and reviews on binoc’s and most go very smoothly; take them outside, use on a trip, small torture test, then write it up and stamp of …

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14 Feb

Thirty-some odd years ago, I had only been married for a short time and had become a dad of two with a boy and a girl. My wife, Nancy had always been very tolerant of my desire to fish and hunt as often as I could. In fact, back then it seemed like I was always planning another trip to “somewhere”. I think I must have been looking for any excuse to get away from the smell of dirty diapers, baby powder and Desitin! In those days we didn’t have the sporting goods superstores of today. Oh, there were larger, …

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08 Feb

Last night on the way home after work, I stopped at a convenience store for a cold drink, since traffic wasn’t cooperating during our first major snowstorm of the season. Standing in front of the glass doors of the refrigerated beverages, I was overwhelmed by the selection. I decided to make it simple and just grab an iced tea. Simple? Black tea. Green tea. White tea. Blended teas. Sweetened, unsweetened, lightly sweetened, and naturally sweetened. Mint, mango, peach, tropical, lemon, berry, citrus… okay, maybe water. Water from Wisconsin, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, vitamin water, water with caffeine, berry water, lemon water. I …

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