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Monthly Archives: April 2013

30 Apr

One of the more common questions I receive is whether or not there exists a night vision binocular that can be effectively used in daylight; something that will have all the attributes of a high end binocular, and a high end night vision device.  The short answer is no.  Night vision is only designed to be used effectively at night.  Now, it is true that you can function test night vision in the daylight with the pinhole lens covers down.  However, this will by no means enhance your view, which is kind of what binoculars are designed to do.

There …

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29 Apr

Here at OpticsPlanet we are striving for continued education.  One of the traits that separates ourselves in the industry is our continued training schedule for all our employees.  I truly mean ALL employees.  I am the training coordinator here at Opticsplanet, so I plan and organize a pretty in depth curriculum.  We have around 15-17  annually in product knowledge classes that employees take part in.  Now, when I saw all, I mean all.  We have our sales and customer service personnel present, our web team, risk management, logistics, warehouse staff, returns, and the list goes on.

The Class we start the …

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12 Apr

No, not 500 individual binoculars (although we do have over 1000 different models), but a binocular that one might use for viewing the world's largest single-day sporting event, The Greatest Spectacle In Motor Racing, the 97th running of the Indianapolis 500.

I'll admit that I might be a wee bit prejudiced, having grown up (according to Google Maps) a mere 40.6 miles from the Speedway, but this is a Big Deal for Hoosiers.  There's corn, high school basketball and this big race in May.  As a kid, we were close enough that the television broadcast of the race was blacked out, and there's …

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04 Apr

I have to admit that I’ve never paid too much attention to my binoculars until recently. I’ve simply taken them for granted. When packing for a hunt, I would carelessly throw my little compacts into the bag and stuff them in a pocket when in the field. For years, I used an old porro prism Pentax 7×50 binocular that finally just fell apart. Lately, I’ve had the opportunity to test and acquire some newer models that I have become quite fond of and have added some accessories to make using them even more enjoyable.

Even though my current “full size” …

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