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Monthly Archives: May 2013

31 May

An important consideration for most people when they are shopping for binoculars is weight.  A heavy binocular is fatiguing to carry around your neck for an extended period of time, and holding a weighty pair up to your eyes gets old really quickly.  While there is certainly a need for a binocular that won’t drag you down to your doom if you fall out of a boat wearing them, this week, we're going to take a look at the real heavyweights.

Weight increases with size (my wife reminds me of this when I start on my third bratwurst).  As magnification increases, the length of …

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24 May

This past week at the Nikon Spot On Championship I was able to get an up close and personal look at the Nikon EDG 85mm Fieldscope.  At first glance it looks like a long camera lens.  After all, we are talking about Nikon here…  It has significant mass weighing in at 4.5 pounds, the massive 85mm objective lens might contribute a to this, so you will need a sturdy tripod.  The EDG line is Nikon’s highest line of optics.  As expected, the lenses are manufactured from Nikon’s legendary ED (extra-low dispersion) glass with Dielectric coatings.  If you are not familiar …

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17 May

All too often I see customers, random people, and even experienced outdoors(people) grab a brand new binocular out of the box, lift it to their eyes and start off.  Rarely, and I say this unfortunately, do I see a user take the few seconds to adjust the diopter on the binocular to their need.  Now, there are three types of people in this category, the people who think they know how to adjust it, and the people that don’t know how, and the people who don’t know what the diopter is.  And hey, we’ve ALL been there.

Now, why do …

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09 May

Among the many fun things we get to do in our positions here, it's being able to examine and often use many products that we may never buy and certainly may never be able to afford. My most recent discovery is another amazing product from Zeiss. While looking through our warehouse availability list, I noticed the we had a few of these in stock and was curious about how they handled and worked. Enter the Zeiss 20 x 60 S Image Stabilization Binocular #526000 and it's absolutely unbelievable! The most impressive feature is that they will stabilize your viewed image without …

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01 May

I don’t have an anchor tattoo, I haven’t worn a sailor suit since I was two years old (thanks, Mom), I’m not crazy about spinach, my wife Wendy is WAY cuter than Olive Oyl and the only Alice I know – my Grandmother – was not a Goon.

What I have in common with the character created by E.C. Segar for the January 17, 1929 installment of Thimble Theater, is that neither of us get much use out of our right eyes.  Mr. Segar once stated that the cause of Popeye’s perpetually padlocked peeper was that “he lost it in …

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