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Monthly Archives: June 2013

27 Jun

I mentioned back in February that we would look into (pun intended) the different levels of anti-reflective coatings.  I actually said this would occur “next month”, which would have been in March, so… better late than never.

One of my favorite things to do (and yours too, admit it) is to pull up next to a large plate glass window after a car wash and admire Erik the Silver (my Volvo wagon) or Hermann the Vanagon (’87 Westfalia) in the reflection.  Damn, lookin’ GOOD!  My joy would be non-existent if the plate glass had been coated with the same coatings …

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21 Jun

About a year ago Swarovski released the ATX/STX series spotting scopes.  With this spotting scope system, Swarovski has created one of the most adaptable optical systems currently on the market.  Each spotting scope will have two separate optical components that mate together to form a single spotting scope.  First there is the eyepiece, which forms the entire back half of the spotting scope.  There are two options for the eye piece; straight and angled.  Second there is the objective lens, which forms the front half of the spotting scope.  This is also where the focus is located.  There are currently three …

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17 Jun

Picking a binocular can be a little overwhelming at times.  Literally thousands of models out there that boast that they are waterproof, water resistant, weatherproof, best light transmission, and other endless features.  What gets lost in translation is the simple quest of choosing what you NEED for that application.  Just like you use a 300 Win Mag for long range and a 22 LR for shorter range, you need to choose your binocular for your application.


There are many “How To” guide out there.  We have ours that I believe is one of the best here.  What I am …

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07 Jun

Many of us go to great pains to select the perfect optics for our needs, but often hastily chose a tripod just because “we need one”. Whether camera, binocular, spotting scope or telescope, a good tripod can make or break successful viewing with your chosen optic. For now, let’s focus (no pun intended) on a binocular tripod.

As we have previously discussed, there are a few excellent image stabilized binocular models available, but primarily due to their cost, they simply are not for everyone. As we have all discovered, any binocular over 10X is very difficult, and often impossible, to …

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