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Monthly Archives: October 2013

31 Oct

No idear.

What do you call a Product Specialist with one eye?  Unable to use binoculars.  Or Mark.  Either answer is acceptable.

It’s a bit of a challenge for me to write about binoculars, since an issue with my right eye makes it impossible for me to use them as intended.  It’s like me trying to write about combs, hair care products or dancing lessons – they’re just not something I use.  I do, however, get my money’s worth from the binocular’s single cousin, the monocular.

As with most things from heart surgeons to beer, you get what you pay for.  I …

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22 Oct

The definition of a marine binocular depends on who you are talking to. It’s safe to say that a marine binocular is a binocular that is designed to be used on the open water. But are marine binoculars simply binoculars with the word marine added as a sales pitch?

On the open water, the general consensus is that the maximum magnification a binocular can be used in 7x. Anything over 7x is tough to use because of the waves and rocking of the boat. This doesn’t include image stabilized binoculars. With image stabilized binoculars you would not have a problem …

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17 Oct

Night vision can be a significant financial investment.  Some units can reach upwards of $3,000 and there are literally hundreds of variations to choose from.  So it is very important that you find the correct device for any given application.  However, when done properly, it can be one of the best investments ever made.

It is important to note that night vision can be applied to almost any visible spectrum optical device: binocular, monocular, spotting scope, telescope, riflescope … However, for the purpose of this article I am going to keep the focus on hand held night vision.

One of …

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10 Oct

When on the hunt, the most used optic you have is not your riflescope.  It is your binocular.  You spend more time glassing (viewing and scouting through your binocular) then you will behind your riflescope.  It is so important to make sure you choose the right one for you and your needs.  Many improvements have been made over the years to better help out eyes and also, if not more importantly, our comfort when holding them.

I received the opportunity to go on a dream hunt this November at the doors of the Rocky’s.  Hidden Valley Outfitters in North Platte …

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02 Oct

I live in a Chicago suburb that has an awesome downtown area and is quite popular with train commuters. There’s always some activity going on – antique car shows, craft shows, festivals – you get the idea. Also, there are all kinds of stores, restaurants and quaint little shops to pass the time. Periodically, my wife and I go into a local coin shop. We are not numismatists (we keep our clothes on), but the owner, Kevin, not only buys and sells all types of currency, but he often purchases cool collectibles as well. On occasion, I have found a …

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