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Monthly Archives: November 2013

26 Nov

A great way for the amateur astronomer to save money is to buy astronomy binoculars instead of buying a large, expensive, and heavy telescope. The advantage is that by buying astronomy binoculars you are able to still use your binoculars for other activities.

When you need magnified optics for a vacation or a hunt you will be glad you only have to move a large pair of binoculars instead of a massive telescope. When I go out of town for the weekend I am limited on what I can take as the car fills up fast. As a result I …

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21 Nov

Who manufactures a quality American made binocular?  This is one of the most common questions I receive regarding binoculars.  Sadly the answer to that question is that I do not know of any.  The last binocular I recall as least being listed as “Assembled in America” is the old Golden Ring binoculars manufactured by Leupold.  Unfortunately those were discontinued in 2011.  I did some Google searches and the sad truth is that there is not much optical grade glass even being produce in sizeable quantities within the United States.  That honor now belongs solely to our European and Asian friends.

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18 Nov

When on the trail or on the hunt, you’ve generally spent a good deal of money on gear.  You may not be wanting to spend any more on a component of your binocular.  Especially if it already came with a way to carry it, via the neck strap. Why on earth would you spend $25, $35, $40 more on a few straps that just hold your binocular?  Answer; absolutely and undoubtedly more comfort.

Let’s look at the pros to a neck strap:

                -Usually included with purchase

                -holds binocular in convenient position

                -that’s about it

In reality, the …

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07 Nov

Binoculars are the most widely used and purchased optical aid (besides corrective eyeglasses and sunglasses) and they have so many different uses. Choosing a new binocular shouldn’t be a traumatic experience. Certainly do your homework, but don’t let all the specifications and numbers confuse you, and there is no reason to make it an unpleasant chore. Just like any other equipment purchase, spend the most you can justify and afford, but most importantly it should fit your needs. Consider when, where and how often you plan to use them in order to select a binocular with a combination of features …

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