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Monthly Archives: December 2013

30 Dec

For Christmas this year, I received the Nikon Monarch 5 8×42 binoculars. I needed a binocular that was affordable with a price of about $300. I was looking for a quality unit that I could stick with for a long time – not something that I would get tired of and feel the need to upgrade in a few years.


Having experienced the clarity of high end riflescopes, I didn’t want to settle for a subpar binocular that would make me wish I was using my Nightforce scope instead.

Immediately after opening the binoculars, I quickly tested them by …

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26 Dec

One of the hottest trends in the past few years has been the combining of rangefinders with binoculars; and no one has done it better than Swarovski.  The added benefits of this are obvious.  Combining these two heavily used hunting tools helps reduce overall weight and frees up valuable space.

Swarovski currently offers two versions of the range finding binocular; an 8x42mm and a 10x42mm.  Essentially Swarovski took their legendary EL binocular and added a laser rangefinder.  The big challenge for Swarovski was not to lose the optical quality of the EL binocular and keep the same structural design.   The …

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20 Dec

Well, I survived the trip and thankfully brought back a good supply of meat to keep my freezer full for a while.  As you know, I decided to go with the Vortex Razor 8x42mm.  Well, when I arrived at the ranch, we had both the 8×42 and 10×42, and also had a 12x50mm razor to try out.  I have used 8×42’s a lot, but I would never turn down the chance to try some more.  I am so very thankful that those other options were there.

As I pointed out in previous blogs, you spend more time glassing through a …

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12 Dec

Your binocular's diopter adjustment is designed to allow you to compensate for the differences between your eyes. After you initially set the diopter, then the two barrels should stay properly adjusted allowing you to focus by simply turning the central focusing knob.

Occassionally, people don't realize what the diopter adjustment does and if it gets turned and out of adjusment, it can make the binocular seem unusable, as your two eyes can never focus at the same distance at the same time.

Here is a simple method to properly set your binocular's diopter adjustment.

Right Eyepiece Diopter Adjustment

Usually, I start …

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03 Dec

I’ve had to bring the keyboard a little closer for this blog entry, since after Thanksgiving dinner I’m not able to get as close to my desk, for some reason.  Thanksgiving got me thinking about turkeys, and that got me thinking about Tennessee.

It’s not like Tennessee is the Turkey State or anything, it’s just that the smell always gets me thinking about my Grandmother Mae, and the turkey that she would cook.  Way back when, she would throw her single shot 12-gauge over her arm and hunt for the Thanksgiving bird.  I only remember that happening twice when I …

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