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Monthly Archives: January 2014

13 Jan

We are constantly asked to recommend a binocular for a huge variety of applications. Recently, we were asked to recommend a high power binocular capable to view about 7000 feet or so with pretty good detail. This specific application was for viewing from an elevated deck and trying to identify if any of the farmer's cattle was caught up in the fencing. Certainly, there are binoculars with high magnification and respectable clarity, but remember that a binocular is TWO sets of lenses and rarely have large enough objective lenses to offer the best resolution at longer distances for a reasonable …

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06 Jan

Happy New Year to all the rabid fans of BinocularsBlog.

I would like to say a very professional IN YOUR FACE to my fellow team members, as it is a well-known fact that the person who writes the first blog of any new year is clearly the Blog King.  Better luck next year, guys.

The wise folks in the planning department of my suburb decided to start a project to redo one of the main east/west roads.  This has the bonus of closing said main road to westbound traffic.  Fortunately this was planned during the season where nothing gets accomplished …

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