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Monthly Archives: March 2014

28 Mar

It seems like every time we turn around, one of the mobile carriers is introducing another new "phone" that continues ro resemble a  phone less and less all the time! Some of the early portable cellular phones from the mid-1980's were known as "brick phones" and "bag phones" they truly were the most cumbersome pieces of equipment you could imagine. The brick style phones were reminicscent of older military walkie-talkies. They were generally nearly the size of a cigar box and weighed about 2 pounds and very, very expensive (according to Wikipedia, the Motorola DynaTac was priced at $3,995 in 1983!). Very few features were available and their Address …

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20 Mar

I turn 54 in three weeks.

For the most part, I’m able to convince myself that I’m still in college (especially after our 80’s themed Holiday Gala in 2013).  I can still walk unassisted, make questionable decisions, hold my liquor, listen to loud music, drag race at stop lights and goof around with my Flying V.

An Old Guy pretending to be a young guy

Flying V, begging for the Old Guy to purchase

Here’s where it fell apart for me, and how I managed to compensate completely undetected.  And by completely undetected, I mean people were staring at me.

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11 Mar

Growing up and living in suburban Chicago my entire life, I discovered the hard way that I lacked the basic skills and common sense that are needed for wilderness exploration. I never joined the Boyscouts, participated in any camping clubs, or joined the military. I knew what a compass was and how to use one but I never thought I would need one.

My experiences in the outdoors were in the woods of southern Wisconsin. A friend has a house and 250 acres in rural Wisconsin where I have turkey hunted. The woods here while thick and abundant, are not …

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07 Mar

So there I am… 1,400 feet off the ground and everything is black.  I can only guess which way is up and which way is down.  All I feel is the warm prop blast of a C-130 traveling at 135 knots.  The only sound is that of wind and the whine of a 4,000 horsepower turboprop cutting through the air only a few yards from my head.  The prop blast is carrying me on a wave of air; much like that of the waterslide I use to fly down as a kid.  All of a sudden… SNAP!  Everything stops.  135 …

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