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Monthly Archives: May 2014

30 May

Last Saturday, my lovely wife Wendy and I were enjoying a brief period of quiet between houseguests, a small party and the 98th running of the Indianapolis 500.  We were sitting on our deck, she trying her best to interest me in yard work and me not listening and reading about Raspberry Pi computers on my iPad.

There has been ongoing construction on a main road that runs along our property line, and with it being Memorial Day weekend, there was no activity at the worksite.  As my wife moved on to other exciting topics like cleaning the gutters and …

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19 May

There have been some trends I have noticed lately in the firearms community with people wanting to stick with iron sights instead of going with optics on their firearms. The reasons for this vary, from “Iron sights never fail; an optic can break” to “real shooters only need irons”. If you are a Luddite (I am in everything but firearms and motorcycles) there isn’t much I can do to persuade you but if you are looking for the best way to improve your shooting and consistently perform better you need a good optic.

The biggest reason people won’t look into …

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16 May

As a product expert, I receive many questions regarding red dot sights.  Two of the more common inquiries are for magnified red dots, and red dots that do not have a “blurry” reticle.  The solution for both of these could be a Prism sight.

People with poor vision and/or an astigmatism often times have issues with traditional reflected reticle sights.  The dot can appear as a “star burst” or a blur.  People oftentimes mistake this for a defective sight when it is actually the user’s vision.  The prism style sights will not have this issue.  They use a traditional glass …

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08 May

Had the pleasure of hosting Leica Optics this past week here at OpticsPlanet.  We were fortunate enough to have their Technical Specialist and Sales trainer give a few seminars for some of our employees.  If you know optics, you know Leica.  If not, they can be summed up by saying, “They don’t make a lot of sport optics, but the ones they do tend to be the best”.  Now, Leica also has their famous camera division, but what we really care about are Binoculars, spotting scopes, Riflescopes, and rangefinders.

Picking up a Leica is like sitting in a Maserati…you can …

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01 May

Courtesy of Wikipedia


Each year after the snow is gone and Spring finally rolls around, I always tend to reminisce about my past wild turkey hunts. Now I haven't hunted those wiley birds for a number of years, but they were some of the most enjoyable and exciting hunts that I can recall. For those who have hunted turkeys, I don't need to tell you that Spring hunting is much different than Fall hunting. My first hunt started with me packing up some basic gear and my shotgun, getting my skin all "camo'd" up and venturing out in search of a …

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