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Monthly Archives: June 2014

24 Jun

The idea that a soldier is better off carrying intermediate rifle cartridges (such as .223) over full power battle rifle cartridges (like .308) came around long before the Vietnam War and the M16a1. Towards the end of WWII Germany started arming the army with a select-fire rifle that used an intermediate cartridge with a detachable magazine. This rifle was called the Sturmgewehr 44, translated as Storm rifle or Assault rifle, as in assaulting the enemy’s position. This was the first time in history that such a rifle was used in a major war and has changed the way wars have …

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20 Jun

A few years ago I received a Ruger MK III Hunter as a gift from a good family friend. I have only shot it a few times here and there with varying amounts of success. .22 ammunition is still at a premium, so I am forced to run the gun with whatever I am able to find. Right now that is CCI Mini-Mags. At 1235 FPS from the muzzle, these are hot little 40 grainers that the gun does not like. Just about every magazine has some sort of malfunction. That being said, I have supreme confidence that a lower …

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13 Jun

I recently came back (this past Wednesday) from a 2 week trip and vacation to Hawaii.  Had an absolutely amazing time.   This was my second trip to Hawaii and my girlfriends first, so I wanted to make sure she got a sampling of everything.  We visited 3 islands, the Big Island, Oahu, and Kauai.  We sign up for as many excursions as possible!  Pearl Harbor and Arizona Memorial tour, Punch Bowl Cemetery, cage dive with sharks, night dive with Manta Rays, snorkel at Captain Cook’s monument, boat rides, ATV ride through the Kipu Ranch, and more.

One of the highlights …

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05 Jun

To most people, the word "OPMOD" doesn't mean squat! It was simply derived from the words OPticsplanet MODification, but it is really much, much more.
As a fairly young online retailer, OpticsPlanet represents hundreds, if not thousands, of manufacturers and companies offering an extremely broad range of products. We are always looking for ways to bring our customers better products at outstanding values and achieve that by collaborating with some leaders in our industry.

OPMOD  is a constantly growing and evolving line of "go-fast", hard use products developed by shooters, hunters, soldiers, and professionals in conjunction with industry leaders …

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