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Monthly Archives: December 2014

31 Dec

My search for the best multi tool has led me to the Victorinox SwissTool. I wanted one that was of the highest quality, extremely rugged, and not made in China. My last requirement greatly narrowed down the field where I found Victorinox, the Swiss company.

Victorinox is famous for their Swiss Army knife. I was familiar with the Swiss Army knife but had never seen the multi tool. After confirming the multi tool was made in Switzerland I ordered one. The multi tool has more features then I could ever need. I also got the “plus” unit that came with …

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26 Dec

Ever notice how strange some of the product trends are? Let's leave apparel styles out of the discussion and focus on some of the other products we deal with on a daily basis. Cell phones are a perfect example. They started out very large. Some of you may remember the old "brick" style phones and then there was the "bag" phones. Gradually, the sizes got smaller and smaller and eventually came down to about the size of a (modern day) Snicker's Bar! Then the battle of display sizes began and we are now back to some smart phones that are …

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19 Dec

The calendar is against me this year.  I wanted to blog during Christmas week (missed that by a week) and I have a tradition (well, it’s happened once) of writing our first blog of the New Year, which isn’t going to happen either, thanks to Michael, Matt, George and Tim and their posts.

When I was a kid, I always thought my Grandmother had been hitting the toothache medicine when she told me that time would pass more quickly as I got older.  Like pretty much everything else she tried to tell me, she was right.  Wasn’t it just Christmas …

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12 Dec

In the last few months, I've decided that I’ll be headed back overseas this summer for another trip to the das Vaterland (Germany) and Austria.  I've learned from experience that there is a severe lack of taxis and motorized transportation, especially in the rural routes.  A good day pack was probably the most useful thing I brought with for the whole trip.  My choice for my last trip was the OPMOD™ TAC PACK 3.0 All-Purpose Backpack.  One of the benefits of working for OpticsPlanet is the ability to get them from the source, so I picked up one for my Dad, brother, and …

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05 Dec

It’s that time of year again where we are repeatedly gathering with friends and family to celebrate holidays and beliefs…or just eat and drink until we are merrier than our bodies can handle. We catch up on missed events, reflect on events in our own lives, and plan for the new year. Of course, there’s also the accompanying commercial consumer aspect that is inseparable these days and of which I am involved in as the employee of a major online retailer. So as I find myself getting reacquainted around the dinner table with those I haven’t seen in some time, possibly not …

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