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Monthly Archives: January 2015

29 Jan

Say that 10 times, fast!

I like having binoculars scattered around the house that I can quickly grab as various needs for them arise. Although I really appreciate a fine, high grade binocular for extended activites such as hunting, spectator events, sightseeing, etc., for everday use just banging around in the car, casual day trips or a quick look at something in the yard, I like having affordable mid-grade binoculars close at hand!

Thanks to many technological advancements in the sport optics industry, we can get a pretty good quality binocular for a very reasonable price, that if cared for …

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21 Jan

I had big plans.

I was going to sit in my living room with my Nikon 8×42 Monarch binocular in one hand and three fingers of George Dickel #12 in the other (with elbows steadied on the arms of my favorite chair), watching and feeling benevolent as the deer gnawed away at the deer block I thoughtfully placed in the back yard a few weeks ago.

The number of deer vary, but there’s a group of eight or so that make the rounds through our subdivision each day.  For three seasons, life is pretty good for a deer.  My wife …

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15 Jan

It’s about that time of year when I can either come to terms with the fact that it’s winter, or sit around and complain about it.  Last year’s sustained “Arctic Vortex” made it pretty impossible to grin and bear it as the grin would probably freeze and you would end up looking like Jack Nicholson busting through a door with an axe in The Shining, only permanently.  This year has been a lot more mild than last, but still has had a few times and days where it’s dipped below 0.  As any good Flatlander or Midwesterner for that matter …

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09 Jan

2015. Welcome! What’s a new year without a new year’s resolution? Some would say it’s a good year, but for the rest of you who go in for this kind of thing my resolution for the year is to spend more time/money doing stuff than acquiring stuff. Specifically, the goal is to devote more resources to putting rounds downrange than investing in new toys/accessories. Part of that will be signing up for training classes, going to a few more local shooting matches, and making more trips to my outdoor range. But the other part, besides buying bulk ammo, is acquiring a …

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