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Monthly Archives: April 2015

24 Apr

Living in Illinois, you quickly realize that we are not ideally suited for “long range” shooting activities. So I started with a pistol, picked up a shotgun (especially since we can’t hunt deer with rifles) and then when the market was right, got myself an AR and a .22 “tacticool” semi-auto rifle. Since my AR was a DPMS flat top Frankenstein (picture a bull barrel, A2 carbine handguard, no iron sights, slick side upper, and an A2 fixed stock) it quickly was replaced with something superior but remains my testing platform for 90% of the products. So what’s the latest …

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13 Apr

Twice a year Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Kentucky hosts the Machine Gun Shoot. The shoot is in April and October and is the largest machine gun show in the United States. The show lasts from Friday to Sunday and gives you the chance to see just about any type of machine gun. These are all legal machine guns, registered under the NFA. There is a night shoot with tracers and also a large gun show where you can buy firearms, parts, and accessories. This year there was even a Huey helicopter that you could ride in!

One …

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09 Apr


As we all know, early spring weather can be very changeable. So far, the Midwest has had a number of mild Spring days that have brought out much of the regular suburban wildlife. Racoons, skunks and possums are no strangers to my backyard, but this early in the year, there is sparse cover for the little buggers to hide. My next door neighbor has a large old oak tree in his front yard and last year it was host to a very hard working, but noisy woodpecker. At least half a dozen times I grabbed my OPMOD 10×42 binocular …

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