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Monthly Archives: May 2015

29 May

No memorial day weekend is complete without barbeque, trigger time, and sunshine. So to fulfill that American obligation, I went camping. Car camping to be specific.

We drove to privately owned property in Wisconsin, pitched our tents, set up some steel targets, and soaked in the good weather. I’ll readily admit that I don’t have extensive camping experience even though I do enjoy it. So I was lacking in some gear for this trip, namely a tent.

Since we were car camping, I didn’t see the need for a lightweight tent that is best suited for when you are deep in …

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22 May


Out of all the rifle scopes I have tested, my favorite is the Nightforce 5.5-22×56. The quality of all Nightforce products is outstanding and this scope is no exception. The glass is from Japan and the scope is built in the United States, Idaho to be specific. A Nightforce scope is the type of scope that will be passed down for generations. Not only is the optical quality incredible, but the scope is extremely rugged. At one time Nightforce had a picture on their webpage of a military service NXS scope that was shot by an AK-47. If I …

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18 May

After many years, this Spring I decided to once again chase the elusive wild turkey, so in late April, I planned a hunt on my old friend Wally's farm in Southern Illinois. I won't go into great detail about the hunt (you can read about it here), but I realized that although I brought my ever-present OPMOD Limited Edition 10×42 binocular and decided that I really needed a new good quality pocket compact binocular. Shortly, I plan on researching models that will work for me and will follow up with my findings.

However, in this blog, I would like to …

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08 May

When I was but a wee lad, our elementary school library had a book I was very fond of.  It was a book about animals.  It wasn’t one of those “the bunny is fuzzy” books, but was about animals' vision.  One type of illustration in particular fascinated me – it showed the areas of binocular vision for different animals, based on the placement of their eyes.

Meadowbrook Elementary is closed now, and that book is long gone, but through the magic of Wikipedia, I can show a couple of the type of illustrations:

A person apparently is going to have …

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01 May

The beautiful weather I have been looking forward to and talking about in previous blogs is finally here.  The sun is shining, snow is nowhere to be found, and the temperate outside is tolerable at its worst.  At best it’s absolutely beautiful.  Last Sunday was a nicer day, a little windy but manageable, but a nice day nonetheless.  It was time to head out shooting. 

We headed out to my uncle’s property again in the far south edge of the Chicagoland area where there’s nothing but corn and soybean fields.  Having a little bit of an ammunition shortage for my …

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