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26 Jun

“Way Cool” Day/Night 4-16X Binocular from ATN

Posted by George Poulos on


In 2014, ATN one of the major manufacturers of night vision, introduced their digital X-Sight Riflescopes. Currently offered in two magnification ranges: 3-12X and 5-18X, and is a unique blend of a daytime and nightime riflescope that is packed with cool features, such as:

•Day/Night   •Wifi   •Record Video   •GPS   •Image Stabilization / Gyroscope   •Geotag   •E-Compass   •Altitude   •Velocity   •E-Zoom

Now, their lastest release is for the ATN 4-16x Bino-X Smart HD Binocular that uses the same technology and has all the same features! It is the coolest concept I seen in a binocular. You can view any scene and record it on an SD card up to 32gb and the Smart HD Optics offer sharp high resolution. This is all possible as a result of the ATN Obsidian Core Technology which speeds along at 1 billion cycles per second. The Obsidian Core is a highly specialized computer that is designed to run a suite of sensors and crunch huge image/video files in a blink of an eye. Powered by a powerful processor and utilizing a 1080p high resolution sensor with distinct night vision capability the Obsidian Core outputs crisp color images for you to see.

So step into the latest binocular technology of the 21st Century with one the "Smart" products from ATN!

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