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Monthly Archives: July 2015

31 Jul

When my time on the earth is done, few will be able to say Michael C. was quick to make a decision about pretty much anything.  As stated in previous blogs, I don’t like to jump into things.  I try to weigh the pros and cons of every decision I make that's more important than what I’ll be eating for lunch.  That, admittedly, takes some meditation on too sometimes.

Trying to decide what the heck type of optic I want to mount on my AR has been no different.  At first I was happy with iron sights (for the time …

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24 Jul

If you remember, when spring rolled around I got excited about fixed blades. They are “man’s best friend” in the outdoors. Now summer is here and while I am still outdoors, you can find me at the beach more than in the woods. Given the typical attire (or lack thereof) at the beach, carrying a fixed blade can be difficult…unless you love a good neck knife like me. Everyone has a neck, and it carries a 5-11lb head, so why not add a couple more ounces?

Neck knives are an excellent option for many carry scenarios, but especially when your …

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17 Jul

It seems like every week, a manufacturer introduces a new night vision product. Typically, there's a huge selection monoculars, bioculars and binoculars from traditional Gen 1 to Gen 3 and and modern digitals. Most of the binoculars are digital designs that essentially use the same technology as common handheld video cameras or security cameras and they are usually found with retail prices that start at about $450-$500 and up. The products can be useful in a variety of applications, most notably to hunters, boaters and nature lovers of nocturnal creatures.

I just stumbled across a unique product from Cassini, which …

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10 Jul

Okay, this post may not result in lots of sales, since you may not be allowed to own this, depending on your occupation and zip code, and even if you were, you would probably buy something more practical for the money, like a car, a house in Youngstown, Ohio, or a large portion of Detroit.

But it is one of, if not THE coolest thing that we sell, in my always humble opinion.  Feast your eyes upon the EOTech GPNVG Panoramic Night Vision Goggle:

Having an issue with the field of view on your current night vision?  Tired of turning …

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02 Jul

If you were to ask my friends, they would say I am a textbook Gear Whore. If you ask me, I would say I just like having the right tool for the job…and any job can be done with the right tool…and since you can’t always know what tool you need, get em all. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that I have a lot of gear to cover just about any activity/job I take an interest in (for example, just started kayaking and already have it stuffed with gear).

However, on a recent camping trip, I discovered a gear deficit. …

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