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Monthly Archives: August 2015

28 Aug

My summer has been a bittersweet mix of good and bad.  I’ve, as discussed in previous blogs, have had the chance to head out of town more than I usually do.  Two weeks in Europe and several nice weekend trips have left me with some nice and irreplaceable memories.  I’ve spent a lot of time with a nice young woman and have been able to enjoy some decent summer weather.  The dark cloud that’s been looming over me, however, is the loss of my grandmother about a month ago.  She was a wonderful woman who didn’t have a mean bone …

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20 Aug

Recently we received an ATN Bino-X unit to play with and test out. The ATN Bino-X is part of the Smart Optics line. You may be familiar with the X-sight, a digital rifle scope. The ATN X-Bino is a digital binocular, capable of taking photos and recording video in addition to have a “night mode”.


Overall the size was a bit larger than your average 8×42 binos, but nothing monstrous. The weight was not nearly as bad as I was expecting it to be. The lack of an adjustable PD was a bit obnoxious but wasn’t detrimental to the …

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13 Aug

Using any optic in a wet environment presents many challenges and equipment designed for these conditions has to have specific features in order for them to perform properly and endure the tasks they are subjected to. Binoculars designed for boating require some very specific features. We also have a very informative guide available on selecting binoculars for all types of uses.

Water resistance or waterproofing is the probably the most important feature of any marine binocular. That being said you must read manufacturer specifications very carefully to determine which products are truly waterproof (usually those are both o-ring sealed as …

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06 Aug

No, they don't walk into a bar, but they do combine to make this month's blog post.

When my lovely wife Wendy and I moved into our present home some thirteen years ago, at the rear of our property was a scrubby little patch of woods, that backed up to a similar scrubby patch of woods on an adjoining property.  The other property had no house on it, and was owned by our homeowners association.

We also had four enormous trees in the back yard.  The two that were farthest apart were perfect for a 100-foot dipole antenna for my …

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