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25 Sep

Fall Is Finally Here!

Posted by Michael Croon on

Fall is finally upon us.  The time of year for colorful leaves, crisp air, and good smells is my favorite.  Aside from the awesome weather we’ll be having, I also know I’ll be spending a lot of time outside.  Summer is nice but the air conditioner is a better option than 100 degrees and 90 % humidity, in my opinion at least.  While I enjoy autumn and will be outside more than any other time of the year, I don’t care to freeze so it’s time to stock up on some new gear again.  I wear what I have pretty hard and like to replace what I need pretty often (unless I’m on a money diet).  I also have a tendency of leaving light jackets at restaurants (especially when I’m in a rush to leave) and am also afflicted by the bastard glove eating monster that only takes one and leaves the other to taunt me.  I’m pretty sure his cousin lives in my dryer and gets at my socks too.  I’ll have to spend some time figuring which round for them if I ever catch one.  More than likely .308 should do the job.

Last year I had an awesome pair of gloves.  They were lightweight, windproof, and had tack on the palms and fingers so I was still able to grip my rifle and not have it slip out of my hands at the worst possible moment.  They were really flexible left my fingers uninhibited.  They were great for both everyday use and shooting.  When cleaning out my car trunk earlier in the spring I found one of them (of course) but have been unable to locate its partner.  It was nothing to worry about in the summer when I was drinking water constantly just to stay alive but in a few weeks I’ll want new ones.  I was taking a look at the Youngstown Camo Waterproof Gloves and also (at risk of looking like a member of Meal Team 6) Mechanix Original Tactical Gloves.  I know the Mechanix will be useless once winter hits but, having used them daily in school to be an auto-tech, I know they’ll do the job during the fall.  They’re flexible, fit well, and grip almost as well as your bare hand.  The Youngstowns are a bit more rigid but not movement prohibitive and will also have me covered during the winter.  Like most other things when I’m stuck between two, I’ll just end up getting both.  I’m still unmarried, so who cares right?  This mindset might be why, now that I think about it.  Oh well.

I know that I’ll be headed out dove and squirrel hunting as well over the next couple of months.  I have plenty of Carhartt jacket variants to cover me for the cold weather but I’m lacking a hunting vest.  I’ve spent years breaking them in and don’t feel like getting a whole new jacket just for small game hunting.  I was looking at the Boyt Harness HU101 to wear over my jacket while I’m out.  I know it’d be hard to mistake me for a squirrel but depending on if I shaved or not, someone may get trigger happy for a shot at an Illinois Grizzly without one.  I like the looks and all the pocket options on the Boyt, so that decision won’t be anything to ponder for me. 

The last thing I need to pick up is a new hat.  Now hats are something I surprisingly don’t usually lose, but I wear all the time.  Due to my God-given oily head (thank you for that, Lord) I like to replace my knit hats every year.  If you lit one of the old ones on fire, you could probably have light through the entire winter.  I usually go with something relatively classic like the Tru-Spec Acrylic Jeep Cap.  As each year passes I care less and less about how cool I look to others and worry more about what’s the most comfortable so I might go with something a little more protective but a lot more nerdy like the Zan Trooper Hat.  Again, I’ll probably end up with both.

I still have a good month and a half or so before the real cold starts blowing in so I have a little time to decide.  My AR is still without an optic, if that tells you how fast I make decisions.  I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy this awesome time of year!

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