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22 Oct

Spotting Season

Posted by Michael Croon on

It’s about that time of year (has been for a while for other departments) when we start getting ready for our holiday season.  As you are already probably aware, the unofficial start to the holiday shopping spree is Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  While the pencil pushers behind the scenes here at OpticsPlanet have been gearing up with inventory, projections, forecasts, and all that other stuff, we here in Product Intelligence are getting going with what will be the first of one of our many contributions to the seasonal push this week.  I’m not going to spill the beans on everything we’ll be covering in some gift idea product videos but one of the items I will personally be showcasing the is Konus Konuspot 20-60×80 spotting scope. 

Last Friday I was blessed with the opportunity to tour Vortex Optic’s facilities up in Middleton, WI and got do some long range shooting with their gear.  I won’t elaborate as I’m saving the full coverage for the Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan of our blogs (Mark and Steve) but I will say that the Vortex crew are some of the nicest people you will ever encounter and I would trust any of their optics on my firearm or out in the field with me.  With that being said, one of the things I really got to see in a practical application was a spotting scope. 

I’ve used spotting scopes before both in and outside of work.  Since the extent of my shooting is usually limited to around 100 yards, walking in shots can be achieved on my own or with someone using a binocular.  Shooting at 540 yards is a whole different story.  After your shot you kind of have a three pronged sensory overload behind the trigger.  The first thing you experience is the sound/kick from your rifle, followed by seeing where your bullet hit, all (hopefully) followed by the sound of your bullet hitting steel.  All of this happens quickly and doesn’t really leave you time to accurately see where your shot is hitting.  My typical self-spotting to see if and where I kicked up dirt around an empty beer bottle skills wouldn’t apply in this setting and luckily we had assistance from one of Vortex’s spotting scopes and several of us rotating turns manning it.  Again I’m not going to delve into specifics in this blog but it was something that is extremely useful and necessary for long range shooting.  Someone squinting trying to walk in your shots 5 football fields away just isn’t going to cut it.  

With that being said, I’m currently on a money diet and don’t have the budget to blow a ton of money on something I will use every once in a while in the future.  A spotting scope like the Konuspot would be perfect for me.  It has all of what I need for the shooting I do including a tabletop tripod that comes with it.  The 20-60x magnification range will be perfect not only for shooting but for loaning it out to my friends or family when they want to view nature a little bit closer.  I would say for shooting but pretty much anyone else who shoots that I know has their own gear already.  It also comes with a camera adapter so digiscoping is an option.  All in all, this spotting scope has everything you need and nothing you don’t.   It’s a great buy at a great price.

Hope this was a little informational for everyone and here’s to hoping you all have a great weekend!

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