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15 Oct

Stock Report

Posted by matt.sproul on

In my last blog, I discussed some of my favorite grips for the AR. Now that you have a firm yet comfortable grip, let’s cover some stock options. Fixed or adjustable is going to depend on your buffer tube so if you want to change styles or are building an AR then make sure you have the appropriate buffer tube. Collapsible stocks are useful if you need a shorter LOP or have multiple users with different LOP, as well as if you are shooting in different outfits (body armor vs no body armor) or simply prefer a shorter OAL for storage purposes.

For fixed stocks, I like the following:


Magpul MOE Fixed

Simple and solid, this stock delivers what you have come to expect from Magpul. While it doesn’t have the storage compartment of the A2 stock, it is lighter and has QD sling sockets. This is probably one of the most cost effective fixed stock upgrades.

Mako Group SSR25

Lightweight and rugged, the Mako stock offers an adjustable comb for the perfect cheek weld with any optic and a deployable monopod for precision shooting. I found the stock very comfortable to shoot in a variety of positions and really is an excellent choice if you do more stationary shooting.



Magpul PRS

The ultimate fixed stock with a price and weight to match, the PRS is adjustable in both the comb and the LOP. It is heavier than most stocks which is especially great if you have a heavy contour barrel. This stock is also available for AR-10/.308s.



For collapsible stocks, here are my suggestions:

MFT Minimalist

Possibly one of the hottest stocks on the market lately, this thing is great. Very lightweight, quick and comfortable to shoulder, has a QD sling socket, and can be customized with a paracord strap to make the L-shape into the traditional triangle shape. The battlelink is virtually the same stock but with a storage compartment.


If you went with a Hogue grip, then you may want the Hogue stock to match and that would not be a bad choice (especially since you can buy them together as a kit). Comfortable, well built, and with several sling mount options, Hogue delivers a great product yet again.



Troy Battle Ax

This stock has a nice storage compartment and was designed to deliver a beating so you would be hard pressed to find a more solid stock. Several sling mount options to let users pick their preferred method and I think it looks badass.

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