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Welcome to Binoculars Blog!

We are hoping that you are as interested in this marvelous piece of optics as we are. Did you know that binoculars were invented almost four centuries ago and have been an irreplaceable magnifying device ever since?  They bare many names, such as bins, binos, glasses, nocs and noculars; and serve even greater range of purposes. Binoculars are used everywhere from the military to astronomy, and fluctuate in price, in size and in specs.  When buying a new pair of binoculars, one must clearly define the purpose – whether they’ll be used for hunting, bird watching, in the marine or military environment, or in an opera theater.

In this blog we try to cover numerous binocular-related topics that we find interesting, give advice on how to choose a binocular, and discuss any news and exciting innovations in this industry.
So stay tuned for more and thanks for reading on!