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Welcome to our blog! This is where our experts discuss their favorite digital, compact, waterproof and other kinds of binoculars. We are all passionate hunters, astronomers and birdwatchers and know everything there is to know about the most commonly used optical device on the planet - binoculars!

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05 Mar

For this discussion, I wanted to talk a little about the Night Vision Monocular, Biocular and Binocular Goggles. Here's a brief summary of some of the differences. Often we are asked about the features and benefits of these three platforms.

The monocular, biocular, and binocular night vision goggles (NVG's) consist of three major parts: objective lenses, image-intensifier tubes, and eyepieces. The objective lens gathers available light and forms an image on the intensifier tube; the image is then amplified by the intensifier tube, and the eyepiece magnifies that intensified image.

The monocular, biocular, and binocular goggles differ in the following …

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26 Feb

I like German things.

I like German cars (between my wife and I, we have owned nine Volkswagens).  I like German beer.  Apparently others like German beer as well, as there are over 1300 breweries in the country.  I love my niece Amy, who was born in Darmstadt, Germany, thanks to the United States Air Force.  Well, thanks to my brother Keith, who was IN the United States Air Force.  Wanted to clarify that.

John Banner, who played Sergeant Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes was from Austria, but still, he seemed like a guy you could hoist a brau with, and …

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20 Feb

Fishing is a hobby that I’ve participated in my entire life, but have never really given too much thought to.  It's just something I go out and do.  When I get involved in a hobby I usually research whatever it is I’m doing so I can get good gear, know how, and any kind of insight into it.  Fishing has just kind of always been there.  I don’t get out fishing nearly as much as I would like to anymore but I try to make it out at least a few times a year.

My tackle box has usually been …

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13 Feb

Living in suburban Illinois, we have plenty of opportunities to use binoculars. But more often than not, when I am using them I find myself an hour or more away from home. Not far enough to pack a whole backpack, but enough that I bring some essentials with me. As usual, Maxpedition has me covered.

I love Maxpedition gear. Like Mercedes, they believe in the best or nothing. Their gear is made from 1000-Denier water and abrasion resistant ballistic nylon, coated in Teflon fabric protector, zipped up using YKK zippers, reinforced with double stitched stress points, and overall built like …

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05 Feb

After a new shooter gets a couple of guns they start to research a gun safe or gun cabinet to secure them. A $1000 rifle isn’t something you want to leave lying around waiting for a smash-and-grab robber to walk away with. You also don’t want to leave firearms accessible to either children or people who are not trained in gun safety.

The firearm hobby is expensive enough by itself – the cost of ammo, range fees/membership, and other expenses quickly add up. Many people are discouraged when they see the price of a good safe, they are usually $1000 …

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29 Jan

Say that 10 times, fast!

I like having binoculars scattered around the house that I can quickly grab as various needs for them arise. Although I really appreciate a fine, high grade binocular for extended activites such as hunting, spectator events, sightseeing, etc., for everday use just banging around in the car, casual day trips or a quick look at something in the yard, I like having affordable mid-grade binoculars close at hand!

Thanks to many technological advancements in the sport optics industry, we can get a pretty good quality binocular for a very reasonable price, that if cared for …

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21 Jan

I had big plans.

I was going to sit in my living room with my Nikon 8×42 Monarch binocular in one hand and three fingers of George Dickel #12 in the other (with elbows steadied on the arms of my favorite chair), watching and feeling benevolent as the deer gnawed away at the deer block I thoughtfully placed in the back yard a few weeks ago.

The number of deer vary, but there’s a group of eight or so that make the rounds through our subdivision each day.  For three seasons, life is pretty good for a deer.  My wife …

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