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Welcome to our blog! This is where our experts discuss their favorite digital, compact, waterproof and other kinds of binoculars. We are all passionate hunters, astronomers and birdwatchers and know everything there is to know about the most commonly used optical device on the planet - binoculars!

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03 Oct

I live in a suburb of Chicago that is infested with skunks. It seems like there's always another carcass on the street that stinks up the whole neighborhood for hours. It is really annoying and I want to do my part to eradicate the local skunk population. I have a nearly 11-year old Staffordshire Terrier (Pit Bull) and an 8-year old Rottweiler (?) mix that have to be the slowest learners ever. They are idiots! This past Tuesday, the pit-bull tangled with yet another skunk. Sure, she dispatched the skunk with ease but managed to get herself sprayed again in …

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11 Sep

It’s starting to get dark before I get home from work.  That means the best time of the year is coming up – fall.

At least for me, it’s the best time of the year.  I have this theory about why I love fall so much.  For years, in the fall things got – how can I put this – restarted?  Rebooted?  Renewed?  When school started each year, it was exciting, and I knew there were going to be all new things happening.  I got to build on what I had learned the previous year, there were new challenges, the …

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05 Sep

So you’ve done all your homework on night vision and are ready to buy the unit that fits your requirements. Now you are looking at accessories and want to get an IR illuminator. When searching “IR illuminator” on our web site you will easily become overwhelmed with the number of units and options out there. We have cheap IR illuminators and we have IR illuminators that cost more than some night vision units themselves!

Why are there extreme price fluctuations between IR illuminator units? It’s for the same reason as everything else. Materials used, build quality, effective ranges, and other …

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05 Sep

When I was in the Army we use to play a joke on the new guys – we would tell them to go get ACOG batteries from supply…  Up until two years ago it was a good joke.  The advent of the TA02 ruined the punchline.  Trijicon introduced the TA02 LED (battery powered) ACOG a few years ago with the red illuminated crosshair reticle.  They have recently added the Chevron and Horseshoe Dot.  All three will be available in green and red illumination!  

The crosshair reticle is great for more "precise" shooting.  However, the ACOG is designed for minute …

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28 Aug

Often, in our quest for the "best-bang-for-the-buck", we seek out offerings from the big manufacturers and sometimes do ourselves an injustice by overlooking other brands that may have a lot to offer. That is the case with the Carson Optical TD042ED 3D 10×42 Waterproof Binocular. You get excellent construction, high definition ED glass and superior ergonomics for a moderate price a enjoy features from much more expensive binoculars currently available. Carson 3D 10×42 Waterproof Binoculars w/ ED Glass combine a high-tech HD optical coating with ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass to give you the brightest, and clearest image possible. The Carson …

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22 Aug

I lose things.

Sometimes small, like my car key (technically, not lost… I know it’s in Las Vegas)…, sometimes larger, like a pocketknife or book.  Occasionally it will be an object that I had in my hand moments before.  I’ve been looking for a particular tool for a few years now.

You would think that given the confines of my home, and its finite volume that I could, over time, exhaust all possible locations for the lost objects.  I mean, it’s not like it’s lost in space.

This makes me feel somewhat better about losing things:

Way back in 2008, …

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29 Jul

A Cognitive Model of Binocular Vision and the Importance of Shooting with Both Eyes Open – Velociraptor mongoliensis

Timothy G.


Date: July 29th, 2014

This blog will investigate the importance of shooting with both eyes open and the problems of not using binocular vision.

Binocular Vision is vision where both eyes are used together. There are many advantages binocular vision gives over one eye in nature, including a wider field of view, depth perception, a sense of balance, and a spare eye if one eye becomes damaged. Many people shoot with only one eye losing all the advantages of …

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